Is Empower Network
all about the money?

empower network moneyMany people who search for how to make money with Empower Network are not grasping the full concept in its totality and entirety of what it takes to have a sustainable, valuable online business.

The keyword is PRODUCTS.

Without products, there is no business at hand and communication worthy of ‘money-talk’.

That’s where Empower Network’s core flagship blogging system, now in its technologically-enhanced simplified second version (ENV2 Blog Beast), comes into play and continues to impress and dominate the world of mobile blogging and content generation and curation.

empower network blogIt is like putting the famous Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson into the same room, same league, with the same rules – and asking them to compete..if you get my drift.

They are not on the same level, same field, or method of operation – and neither is Empower Network.

Simply stated, if there is one thing the innovative Empower Network community strives to achieve and accomplish; it is how to make money online by leading with a superior, strong, simple-to-use product that has universal appeal and is constantly evolving to be on the cutting-edge of every blogging necessity known to bloggers all over the internet.

empower network guruWhy? The Creative Essence. ENERGY! And sometimes, it is ok to ask “what would Jesus do” (in a light-hearted approach of course)

It is easy to hate and focus on the negative aspects and angles of building a business on the internet..

But my dear friend and intrigued visitor, we must never underestimate the mental potential that a life-long vision and mission can carry for not only ourselves, but others.

To serve, to protect, to provide – just took on a whole new meaning – never complacent with $70,000,000 paid in affiliate commissions in 2 years – always adapting and adjusting with the textures of the time, Empower Network has walked the money talk.

What happens when the odds are stacked in your favor, and a highly beneficial environment and positive favorable influence for making money online has been created. Now, as a direct result of the natural evolution making money by blogging, hundreds of thousands of people ..who.. are no better, smarter, or greater than you are producing astronomical results!

empower network blog beast..and what if I shared with you that it was all due to an equal opportunity..that just got easier, faster, and sexier!

That’s Empower Network.

Welcome to [Empower Network Version 2.0 aka ENv2 aka The Blog Beast]

This my friends, is the revolutionary game changer you have been dreaming, wishing, asking and feeling for…

empower network business blogBoasting or blogging, blasting or bursting, Blog Beast builds a balanced business by bypassing bull****!

Imagine a timely lifesaver, sent to rescue and regenerate your online business needs, wants, and desires.

There is no reason not to follow your heart. You are here for a reason.

Think clean. Think pure. Think simple. This is IT.

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Exclusive Inside Peak at My Profitable Blogging Business:

Enter your

Empower Network Version 2.0 (ENV2 Blog Beast) launched in October 2013 after 2 wildly successful and prosperous years in online business generation already – and now, over $3 million dollars invested and tested will attest to just how hungry the Empower Network entrepreneurial spirit and hunger really is.

This will be sure to turn and transform the “network marketing, affiliate marketing, direct sales and internet marketing” landscape and industry upside down, inside out.

how empower network worksThe Blog Beast, in a class and status of its own, leads the charge and forefront with a unique, 100% customizable, standalone blogging platform that provides incredible interactive capabilities and features never before seen in the “online blogging world”.

This timely monumental shift and all-around sensational upgrade in Empower Network’s Product Suite will raise the blogging standard as a viral, mobile, global platform that allows new, advanced, and professional bloggers to create daily content on whatever they like, know, or discover in life.

The ease and simplicity ENV2 (empower network version 2.0) creates has never been designed before and after millions of dollars in company wide infrastructure and over a year of internal research and development.. finally David Wood and David Sharpe’s vision and mission of becoming the biggest and best online content generation portal is coming to fruition.

empower network communityAnd now, the ENV2 launch is increasing the expectations in anticipation of just what is expected in a universally appealing online blogging forum that gives bloggers complete control of a plug in play, point in click system that will help you save time, energy, and money.

There are 3 new major differences and primary distinguishments that Empower Network V2 blogging system will allow all empowered bloggers to access:

Empower Network is calling it 3-in-1 revolutionary products:

empower network env2 review

Empower Network V2 3-In-1

  • 1) Simple 2 Click Blogging Platform
  • 2) Mobile Audio/Video Broadcasting App
  • 3) Sales Conversion Engine

These are just the broad umbrella descriptions of everything Empower Network’s Version 2 blogging system and platform will offer.

They also have a unique proprietary commenting and interactive team engagement aspect that allows for team members, customers, and affiliates to see the live feed of activity and content.

empower network-version2 env2In essence, David Wood and David Sharpe’s Empower Network Version 2 creates a new way to manage, create, and build your online media presence in a very innovative concept and way.

With the new ENV2, you will also have the ability to have multiple blogs through a new domain mapping feature. They created this for being your universal command center for all of your blogging and content generation.

Meet Melissa & Troy Shanks

Before we dive deep into our Empower Network story, history, and synopsis, you can go here to read a full empower network review.

empower network leadershipAfter joining the Empower Network business opportunity in late November 2011, to when this picture was snapped at the first-ever Empower Network Event in Atlanta, GA in June 2012, we were nobodies as far as results, success stories, and reputation.

At the time, despite 7 long, successful years making money online by setting up multiple niche-oriented blogs, I, Troy, finally realized with keen insight that these were my people, this was my own, and this was the message and force I wanted to identify with.

empower network's david wood and david sharpeWithout hesitation, I forked over $12,000 so my life and business partner Melissa, could head down to Costa Rica to help make the Masters course and met the leadership and visionaries who comprised the core group and family known as Empower Network.

And the expression “Nothing was the Same” never resonated and illustrated truer words, feelings, or actions. This was August 2011, we were in the spotlight now, the pressure to perform, and an impulse to persist no matter what.

Fast forward to today, and our last Empower Network event in Denver, CO – we amassed $75,500 in take-home commissions in a matter of 90 days! Folks, these results are not typical, as we put in a considerable amount of time, energy, effort, focus, concentration and resources.

And we are so proud and delighted to bring to you our very own Prosperity Team SYSTEM, complete and comprehensive, with additional features and team elements you will not find anywhere else on the internet. This is now the beauty, as we have strength in numbers and speaks volumes to not only our personal success, but our team and company’s results.

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Making money on the internet is an interestingly sensitive area and debatable topic for most who search for better, faster, more leveraging approach and perspective in life.

Lofty aspirations of achieving and accomplishing the entrepreneurial work from home ideal lifestyle by starting an online home based business opportunity are obtainable, but the real question becomes how.

Once we identify our Why of Means to do whatever it takes to get it done - learning how making money online works can be scaled up, automatic autopilot activated, and leveraged into relationships, connections, networks, and a whole host of domain mind mapping that can be done from just that.

My goal is to not talk about Empower Network's Personal Development and Self Growth training tutorials on how to build an online business while having a life that you deserve and desire.

Your thoughts hold power. The power of your thoughts, secrets of the mind and reality. A lot of us on our journey, we have that aha breakthrough moment.

The light bulb goes off. We say, "Aha, I get it now."

That's what happened to me on my journey when I realized we live in the world we are thinking of - no matter what spiritual, mental, or physical realm discussed.

Whatever we are thinking, we are creating. The universe aligns to our thoughts. Our thoughts are information highways that send messages to and from the body (health=wealth).

Many times, if we look at the events in our lives, overcoming certain challenges, it is because we have changed the way we think.

It all starts in our thinking. When you see it in your own life, then you see that we are co-creators.

In this case, we all are money-meaning match-making gods. We are made from the same fabric as the universe as is money. And it's fascinating, because then you also see on the flip side how much responsibility we have, because we are the WWW (wild wild west) architects of our own reality.

Everyone wants your mind. I say let go of society's expectations. This is what I tell myself. Over 7 years ago I made a conscious choice to start building my online business by means of blogging and websites pertaining to enlightening and empowering information, products, and supplements.

But back to the story.. we have to clear the mind and make clean of fears of failure about making money online. It is possible.

That is why the newspapers are full of information, the TV, because everyone wants to control your thinking. We have to see that our thoughts are so powerful that they create the world around us. That is why if someone can control your thoughts, they can control your world.

Every thought we have is a catalyst for every action.

Positive thinking has a great effect on the body because thoughts change the biochemistry of the body. That is why attitude is also so important, because the way we think affects the way we feel.

Thoughts are a collection of emotions. The emotion stands for the energy in motion. In essence, thoughts are energy. We are living in a sea of energy, a sea of infinite potentialities.

Leveraging and generating commissions by building a brand through a blog or website is a very powerful medium to digitally connect with a world wide audience. Imagine having thousands of people instantly being able to see anything you wanted them to.

Nothing is limited when you have a large following of people who like, share, comment, grow because of your quality content curation of powerful information that can impact and influence people's course of decisions. There is value in giving value.

What I've found out about positive thinking is that it does wonders, but also we must not forget negative thinking and the power of negative thinking.

What? Many times when people become angry, we say this is a negative emotion.

However, there's a lot of energy being generated, but it becomes self-destructive because it is implosion.

We are bringing all the energy internally.

We have to learn how to release externally.

We have to see that it even goes back to mythology.

You had many princes in folktales who were slaying the dragon. But guess what? They didn't kill the dragon because they saw the power of the dragon. The dragon could take them to anywhere they desired, to infinite heights. The dragon was a representation of their lower nature. In essence, once we master our lower nature, which is so-called negative thinking, it can actually propel us to a higher self.

Do you see the linear parallel to making money online by creating valuable information, products, formulas, supplements, results etc that help people such as yourself get from point A to point B faster. This is key when it comes to talking about your time spent on learning curves that are inevitable with setting up a online business from home.

I don't judge negative thinking or positive thinking. There is no separation. It's a mirage of separation many of us have gotten into. But it all starts in the way we see the world. How we see the world is how the world responds to us.

This is why the importance of blogging daily can be critical to your success. Getting paid by blogging is not a hard. It boils down do to consistency and perseverance.

We see this in quantum physics, so many great scientists have done so much work on this. But it goes back to the ancients. They knew that everything in the world was connected. They knew the power of our thoughts. Everything is mental - mind over matter.

Be empowered despite circumstances, get connected with a group of organized people who are all about the same vision and mission in life.

Aligning yourself with an online community of people who make up the Empower Network [members/affiliates/customers] proves to show there is strength in numbers and speaks volumes to the personal development culture being created by David Wood and David Sharpe.

Back to quantum physics, they now see that the observer creates reality simply by observing. The observer is the observed. The observer is not separate from the observation. The experimenter is not separate from the experiment.

Just by thinking about something, we are changing it and influencing it on the subtlest of levels. That is how deep thoughts go.

Sometimes, many of us on our journeys, we're thinking about other people and there's a saying, "If you can learn how to make money online then why can't I?

We are sending text messages through our thoughts. This mind we have was the original intimate. We are the original technology.

When I am walking around, I am conscious that I am creating my reality through my thoughts.

We have to become aware that we have infinite power and that is why there is a war on consciousness on the planet.

Because once you know thyself, you become super powerful.

You begin to strip all of these layers down like a fresh onion that our manipulated society has given us - this fear, failure, hard-ache, and lifestyle stiffness will be old pain down the a new drain. This is the Internet Income Age, the Water Barrel Age, where the light comes to truth and the dark fades from shadows.

Meaning.. you are this, you are that - no, we are whatever we think we are. We are whatever we tell ourselves.

On a deeper level, many of us living in the 21st century, we have many unnatural wants, needs, and desires.

A lot of people say, "I want money. I want this beautiful woman. I want this handsome man. I want this house on the hill."

Whenever we say, "I want" we are sending a signal out to the universe that we don't have what we desire. Therefore, we will remain in lack. This is a victim's mentality and will turn into a poor attitude and outlook on life if not addressed appropriately.

So what I did on my journey is to move from, "I need," to "I want," to "I have," to "I am."

I don't say, "I want wealth."

I say, "I am wealth."

I don't say, "I want health." I say, "I am health."

Changing the words of the internal conversation and dialogue we have daily effectively changes the thoughts that ultimately dictate and provide authority of our actions and personality.

The thoughts change our actions and our actions and our interaction with the world around us, with the field of energy around us, the DNA within our bodies influence the world around us.

Our thoughts are so powerful. Once we can hold a positive intention, we can create miracles.

I've seen it in my life...and from a business-minded conversation, Empower Network has been a huge beacon of transferring hope and happiness to many online business entrepreneurs by not only helping themselves, but others such as yourself.

But that's why we have to be careful where we place our focus, because whatever we focus on grows. You turn into whatever you're tuned into.

The money and wealth affirmations we have, the way that we see ourselves shapes who we are and that's why it all starts with adopting and adjusting into a wealth and abundant perception.

It all starts by having the best image of yourself in your head, because that's what creates who you are.

And in this modern day of digital content generation, making money by blogging can be a fast way to get out your knowledge, truth, wisdom, and experience about whatever it is you know.

A lot of us, we go on what people tell us. We feel we're not good enough.

We have this internal dialogue. We're forgetting that the words we use also govern us.

That's why instead of I can't, I say, "I can."

We have to see that there is a power in the words we use because language is thought.

If I am thinking of a table, then I am creating a table. If I am thinking about getting money online, then I am creating money online.

You can't say a word without thinking about it. So words are spells.

We have to use words that empower us. We have to use words that help us create our own reality.

Through mind power, we can do phenomenal things.

What is hilarious as well as awesome at the same time is that most millionaires get rich quick by learning how to monetize their passions or interests of something they are already have or are doing in life.

You've heard of online money success stories where people, they have gone from homelessness and only $45 to their name with no where to go... to overnight rags to riches celebrity status because they told themselves, "I'm sorry. I've got some more work to do."

That is the power of thoughts and for those of you nay-sayers, luck is a product of design, not default.

Anything is possible.

We begin harnessing our thoughts when we begin tapping into the power of now, when we begin living in the present moment, when we are following the heart space, when we are opening our heart space, when we are letting go of fear.

All around us there are weapons of mass-distractions.

There is media manipulation through the television, through certain advertisements, through religion, through anything you can think of that does not remind us of who we are.

We have to remember who we are and how empowered we can become.

The subconscious programming we get from all angles affects our thoughts without us even knowing it on a conscious level.

That is why surrounding yourself with successful leaders and fruitful individuals who naturally uplift their environments can be highly beneficial and advantageous for you to absorb, soak, and transmutate their electric energy. This is just one example of the power of getting to Empower Network's Live Events.

There is a difference between thinking and being.

Many of us, we are caught up in thinking, thinking, thinking.

In business, this rapid succession of thoughts quickly slows our ability to get past small technical problems and even complex challenges that can normally be solved or avoided with clearness of mind and pureness of thought.

Sometimes we see people just staring into thin space or literally rechecking their email, skype, phone, facebook, or any other social platform every 5 minutes or less.

We have to ask ourselves how are our thoughts serving us.

Are they elevating us to higher realms of awareness or are they draining our energy away?

Many of us would get caught in rumination, where we are thinking about the same thing over and over and over again (don't fall into this make money online insanity and over complicate things that do not need to be complicated).

What I found that's helped me on my journey is to let go of thinking, to let go of thoughts.

And you say, how do you do that?

Tapping into the flow and becoming naturally fluid.

Building an online blog is one of the best forms of expression and elegance you can have. Learning how to get paid to blog online is not hard.

In fact, that is Empower Network's core specialty and flagship product. The done for you viral blogging system provides in all in one plug in play point in click blogging website that is ready for action as soon as you make the decision today about joining and signing up to be a blogging customer of Empower Network and ENV2.

Many of us, we may have experienced doing something, an activity, maybe it's running, for me, it's basketball. When I'm playing ball and hooping it up, I stop thinking completely.

All of my financial problems, bodily aches, mental pains, negative thoughts, bills I have to pay, the places I have to go to, that all evaporates and subsides and there is only the flow of infinite energy.

Sometimes people get headaches. What is a headache? A headache is a thought above your head that is not going away any time soon.

In the online business world, headaches and employee management can be a thing of the past if you commit to a process of self-growth and self-worth and tap into an action-oriented community like Empower Network.

So to free ourselves from that we have to stay dynamic as opposed to mechanic (robotic), we have to stay fluid (good oils, good hydration = great ideas).

We must always unblock the energy within ourselves through eating beautiful foods, getting back to nature, planting your feet, being in an environment that allows you to tap into being, where we don't have to do all the time.

Because our thoughts are commands - do this, do that. I'm thinking about doing this. I'm doing that.

When we step into being, we are letting go. This is what it means to become empowered despite divine circumstances.

There is nothing to do because we are embodying the totality of our existence. Blogging for money online is no different.

If you provide, create, and craft value into the marketplace, it should only be fair to reap what you sow and gain monetary value based on help, advice, and guidance you deliver online.

It just takes one idea to change the world. That's is what I love about learning how to make money online fast, easy, and simple...

The creative entrepreneurial spirit behind the motives of making money on the internet can be something that dramatically and radically changes the world.

We can change the world in under 10 seconds if we collectively put our minds together. That's why it's fantastic to see the whole world uniting, raising the frequency on the planet.

The world is an idea.

All ideas must change.

Money is an idea.

Learning is an idea.

Schools are an idea.

Success is an idea.

The buildings in your city are ideas formulated in the mind of someone like you and me. Therefore, the world is never one thing.

The world is dynamic. It is forever changing.

In essence, we are a reflection of the world.

If you desire peace in the world, create peace within yourself first. It all starts with you. You are the power.

And the more and more I see how we are architects, we are painters, we are money makers, we are creative bloggers with a value-driven purpose.

Life is the canvas we draw on in our minds.

We're living in magical times right now on the planet.

We have to open ourselves to a world of infinite possibilities.

I believe you can learn how to make money fast online by blogging about your passions, purpose, and profit big time!

Stay well, stay healthy. Peace. Signing Out...for now!

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Empower Network Prosperity Team Review


Are you ready to work with one of the top teams in Empower Network; Empower Network Prosperity Team.

Why the Empower Network Prosperity Team

Why should I consider the Empower Network Prosperity Team?

The Prosperity Team has been not only dominating the Empower Network leader board but also the entire internet. Looking at the first page in Google for the term "empower network" you will be presented with a instant visual of the dominating power of this team. The Empower Network Prosperity Team is a force not to be tested. The sheer numbers of this team are inspiring.

What makes the Empower Network Prosperity Team so great?

Prosperity Team Review

What are the benefits of working with the Team?

The Empower Network Prosperity Team offers a ton of resources that are readily available to its members. The team also offers hand in hand guidance as well as daily direction and support.

Check out some of the teams daily resources:

  • Live Prosperity Team Coaching Mastermind – Monday-Friday
  • Live “Think & Grow Rich” Mindset Call – Monday-Friday
  • 10k per month Daily Action Assignments
  • Prosperity Team Training Site – Step By Step Tutorials
  • Prosperity Team Facebook Mastermind
  • Marketing Systems, emails & webpages that do all the selling for you.
  • Team support

What kind of support can I expect from the Empower Network Prosperity Team?

Unlike many teams, the Empower Network Prosperity Team offers all its members 24/7 team support chat. What this means is that no matter where you are located in the world, you will have instant access to team leaders and members. Should you require support, suggestions or just want to share your success, the team is at your finger tips.

Join Prosperity Team

How do I join the Empower Network Prosperity Team

I'm ready to start working with the Empower Network Prosperity Team.

Simply follow the link below to get started right now and join one of the fastest growing and successful Empower Network teams, the Empower Network Prosperity Team.

Prosperity Team

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John Chatman

John Chatman

Another elite member of Empower Network, John Chatman is a just a regular person who one day decided to chase the life he has always wanted and deserved. Using the power of internet, he managed to build an online business that brings him a full time income.

Who Is John Chatman?

He states the Prosperity Formula I made it possible for him to "Escape Corporate America" into a Freedom Based Lifestyle. If you want to know everything about this formula, send John Chatman an e-mail, through his business page, and he will send you back the Free Video.

John Chatman Empower Network

The Prosperity Team people at Empower Network founded, made it possible for them to be great helpers for those in need. As one of the Prosperity members, John Chatman adapts each training session, making it possible for people to enjoy what they are doing.

A secret formula to making $6,000 in a day, like John Chatman is, doesn’t exist without a personal touch. And yes, you heard well, John Chatman makes more than $6,000 a day, just by relaxing in his pool. Wouldn’t it be great to make 6 figures online while pursuing your passions, having more freedom than ever, and basically enjoying the best life possible? Well… that’s exactly what John is doing.

After scoring with big figures, John Chatman got bored of just sitting around all day, cashing in commissions. He decided to launch his own training session blog. Lots of those in his team are prosperous online marketers who succeeded over the years.

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