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Aaron Rashkin

Another appreciated Empower Network leader is Aaron Rashkin. Together with his wife Sophia, he managed to launch and develop the Empower Network Autoresponder Follow Up Lead Campaign. More than this, before this program he launched recently, he managed to gather people in the Empower Network Facebook Group.

During the Empower Network’s Re-Launch & Affiliate Contest, he provided the members his Swipe Copy, which made more than $500,000 in overall commissions.

Aaron Rashkin Empower Network

Aaron Rashkin’s story goes like this:

The first five months after joining the Empower Network, he only gained 3 Automated Follow Ups going out to leads. Still, he gained a 35% sign up rate from Lead to Member. It is weird how Aaron Rashkin’s strategy makes the lead to member conversion so high. He is not stating his messages are the best out there, yet after downloading others’ messages, he edited and corrected many of them. Broken links and a lot of leader branded messages needed editing.

After making $173,000 in income by now, Aaron Rashkin decided to share his knowledge with others. Indeed, he decided to share the method that helped him earn this much money. This way, he managed to bring in new members that are being paid 100% commissions through the Empower Network system.

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