Chris Campbell and Chris Jones Empower Network

Chris Campbell & Chris Jones


Two of the most powerful Empower Network leaders, Chris Campbell and Chris Jones have created the Success Luminary Team. As one of the highest performing Teams inside the Empower Network, Chris Campbell and Chris Jones provide their students all the tools and training for a successful career.

Who Is Chris Campbell

As a former pizza delivery boy, Chris Campbell is the living proof that people can reach the thousands of dollars income from nothing, only by the power and means of internet. Until he found Empower Network, Chris tried numerous other online marketing programs. None of them managed to bring his life in order. His marketing talents seemed to work perfectly with Empower Network, though.


Who Is Chris Jones

His partner, the optimistic Chris Jones, is one of Empower Network’s greatest speakers. His 100% clear speeches have driven and moved people towards actual money making. He promotes consistency, stating that “Good days or bad days, the actions stay the same”. Their team functions perfectly.

It seems these two have been meant to function together towards online money making. They teach people how to remain focused on what they are about to do with their business. Listening to what Jones and Campbell have to say makes people evolve and attain success.

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