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Hello and welcome to The Empowering Network Community review site and I just wanted to share my thoughts on a beautiful sunny day and make an Empower Network review that shares my perspective on the Empower Network story and history to really give you an idea of the progress and the process that it has been through, for me as well as the company from my viewpoint.

I got started with Empower Network about one month after they got started. I was really, I wouldn’t say skeptical, but I didn’t really know much about it. I didn’t really pay too much attention to it. My brother kept hitting me up about it because he kept seeing it everywhere. I was just like, “You know what? I have no idea what these guys are talking about.”

Anyway, a long story short there, for the first month we actually joined and five days later a bunch of delays and hiccups started actually happening. This was back at the end of 2011 just to give you guys an idea. We kind of put it on the back-burner and didn’t really think too much of it. It was just one of those things that we didn’t really know if it was going to pan out or pull through. A few months later they really started putting things together and really re-emerging, flourishing and hitting the ground running.

Even though we didn’t really take a serious look at it again by then, but we actually bought our first tickets. Fast forward to June 2012 in Atlanta, and showed up to what was just an extremely hostile yet highly energetic Empower Network Atlanta event, that really just made everything so much more real, and so connective for me specifically and I think the entire company, as well as the owners, if I can speak for them. It just made everybody come together and really feel like they had that greater sense of belonging; like we had actually found and connected with a bunch of like- minded, high-spirited entrepreneurs who were hungry to make things happen, not only for themselves but for others.

The 1,200 people, the Empower Network members that showed up in Atlanta experienced something that will forever go down in history as the starting block for Empower Network. If you fast forward into today, over 100,000 members strong. At that Empower Network Atlanta event on Sunday they were actually crafting and scripting an Empower Network Costa Rica Master’s Retreat, and I was actually the second person to jump up out of my seat. Once I saw they were offering it to us affiliates.

A long story short, I paid $5,000 to get down there, but not only that, I actually paid for my partner, Melissa, to come join me, and that ended up being about a $15,000 trip. We invested into Empower Network as an investment back into our education and to really gain insight and access to how this company is going to go down and how this company is really going to start flourishing, if you will.

We took that information and really knew we had something serious here. A month later, 30 days later, here in San Diego, the next Empower Network was. We were there and we had made the top 100 by then, and there were over 3,000 affiliates that came to the Empower Network San Diego event. Again it was another super powerful and high energy environment.

Then, even though we were having fun and doing okay, we weren’t really sincerely focused on Empower Network just yet, until about November 1st. Something shifted then where we said, “You know what? We’re going to put down all these little shiny ball syndrome and everything that everybody likes to say, and really start going after this and seeing what it can create.” We see so many people with diverse backgrounds having success and results that we wanted to see that if we just put a little time and effort into this and followed this system and their blueprint, would we make it happen for us.

On November 1st, we dropped a few things and started really focusing on Empower Network. In the month of November we enrolled about 47 people. We were trying for two a day, which didn’t quite happen. We had it some days but not others. But in December, usually when the work from home/make money online industry slows down, we actually enrolled 66 people brand new members, into the business, so we achieved our two-a-day goal.

Then fast forward and as the year turned to 2013, we had our Austin event coming up, where we actually enrolled over 120 people in the month of January by following their system and really plugging into our team. What exactly it needed, the commitment the decision we made that we required to actually start achieving the results inside this business because the foundation is laid for us.

The blogging system is something I’ve been doing for seven full years now, and I’ve had substantial success inside this industry, but I haven’t always been able to transfer my skills and put my time and effort into everybody’s business that I have brought into a specific or certain business until Empower Network. Because the blueprint, the entire process, has been simplified for everybody to get into a plug-and-play, all-in-one, done for you component, that Empower Network really brings to the table where you blog daily, market daily and get money.

It’s that simple formula. A blog is so powerful because you can express your “why”. You can really share your passions, your interests and your hobbies and really show your leadership, guidance, advice and expertise in whatever it is you’re good at.

I guarantee you’re good at something over most of the people, most of the population out there. They can actually learn something from you. I guarantee that anybody out there has something inside of them that they know or have experienced that a lot of people can benefit from. The problem is you can’t get it out because you don’t have the platform and you don’t have the system to really expose it.

Empower Network has changed the game there. The barrier to entry is extremely low. The value being given is blown away for the $25 we’re asking for up front to get your own blog for you. You don’t have to buy domains, you don’t have to buy hosting, you don’t have to install WordPress, you don’t have to know what widgets and plug-ins are or all the crazy terminology that you can adapt to and adjust to later. Right now most of us need that done-for-you component so we can just start getting in there, feeling things out and start running with it instead of all this technical how-to and set up that just leaves so many people frustrated and in a struggle. They just don’t ever take the time and effort to learn it, and you don’t have to anymore.

That’s the beauty of technology, that’s the beauty of systems, that’s the beauty of leadership, concepts and philosophies we have inside Empower Network. If you look at February and just to continue with the January, we were over 130 members enrolled in February following the same system in our team provides inside of Empower Network.

I just wanted to get out here and share our story. As the company has overcome their obstacles, challenges and delays, we’ve grown with the company, and we are whole-heartedly invested in this business because we know it works. We see so many people getting those results and success testimonials. It just speaks volumes as to what is really being created here. The system is done for you. All you have to do is apply what’s being taught to you inside the business.

My friends, after seven full years of full time internet marketing with a lot of success, like I said, I have never seen something come together so complete and so comprehensive where it’s an everything-under-the-sun complete internet marketing education system. Where not only do you have the tools and the training, but you have the leadership and the people to make it all real and bring it all together that gives it just such a dynamic effect. The contributing factors to Empower Network is not just one thing, it’s not just the blog, it’s not just the products, it’s not just the leadership, it’s not just the system and it’s not just the teams, it’s everything.

All of it comes together, the community and the culture has really formed into a movement where we’re trying to uplift and empower humanity because we know if you get somebody to believe in you, anything is possible, including levitation or whatever you want to include. I don’t want to go too far off on those phenomena of supernatural powers.

My point is I just wanted to get out here, have a little fun with you and share my perspective and story inside Empower Network and really their history as they’ve overcome everything. I, too, have grown with the company as well as the hundreds of members on our team have too.

If you’re interested in really feeling and having that greater sense of belonging inside the make money online and home-based business/work from home industry. Empower Network is the perfect vehicle and financial opportunity for you to get in and hit the ground running. Everything is there for you. It’s an all-in-one, plug-and-play, point-and-click system you need to actually get started. Then you can start branching out after you’ve had success inside Empower Network. I know if you’re like any of us, nine out of ten people fail to get those first results, so they just leave.

They’re skeptical from the start, and they think everything is a scam and set up against them. Empower Network is trying to shift and change those odds, stack them in your favor, and when you plug into our team, our leadership and our system, I guarantee you’re going to start seeing the results you’re seeking because so many other people have just by being motivated and determined to make it happen by taking daily, consistent actions and being persistent in your message and really conveying and depicting exactly who you are.

The authenticity and validity of yourself will shine through, especially when you have a community and a culture like Empower Network backing you. All of us have a bigger and higher purpose and vision to share. When you get so many people that are like-minded and high spirited on the same page, power begins to happen. People begin to take notice and recognize what is going on here, and everybody wants to be a part of that. I don’t care who you are. I’ve actually lived in the Mountains, isolated and secluded, and I know that Empower Network is the one company I want to come back out and start sharing everything with everybody who is really entertained by this and gravitating towards this information.

The amount and quality of information you put into your body is the amount and quality of expectations you can really have in the external world. It’s an “internal paradise is an external reflection”. In order to have an internal paradise you’ve got to be willing to take care of yourself. You’ve got to be willing to surround yourself with the right people; you’ve got to plug into the right systems and community to really keep you on track when the trials and tribulations of life come up that are inevitable. They are going to happen, but if you have a support system like Empower Network, like our team, behind you, it’s so much easier to get past that. When you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, the how will take care of itself and the what will take care of itself. People join people and people want to connect with people. They don’t join the business for the products, they join people.

If you’re feeling any of this, if you’re feeling like this might be the one, if you’re on the edge, if you’re looking to really change your financial output and future, Empower Network, the system, the leadership, the trainings and our team can be the right fit for you.

All we need to do is really get into direct communication with you. I need you to click the button below, if there is one. If not, click the link below. If not, enter your email so I can have that direct more one-on-one intimate contact with you and start sharing with you all the leadership, all the guidance and all the advice about Empower Network so you can really make an educated and informed decision about Empower Network so you can stay motivated and get committed to a process that is transforming thousands of people’s lives, and we’re just getting started my friend.

With that said, Troy Shanks here, SEO expert and master blogger. I just wanted to come out here on a beautiful sunny day and really share a message with you and say I would love to connect with you in the future.

Thanks for watching this video. Have a great day.

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