Justin Verrengia and D Verrengia

Justin and D. Verrengia Empower Network

Justin Verrengia

As the most successful Empower Network bloggers, Justin and D. Verrengia managed to make more $475,000.

Using the “Law of Attraction Secrets”, their internet marketing expertise revolves around blogging, social media and video marketing.

Justin Verrengia Empower Network

For more than a year, this couple has sponsored more than 1,100 teammates from all around the world, setting up a 2013 target to help at least $30K + per month profit.

Their hobbies gave them thousands of resources to write. For instance Justin Verrengia and D. enjoy traveling around the world, mediation, ufology and mysteries. Once someone has such a vast knowledge about things, blogging comes much easily.

Justin Verrengia Team

Justin Verrengia and D. Verrengia have built their Empower Network celebrity status systematically. For more than 6 months, they worked on their ratings. Their blog is not filled only with internet marketing means to co-opt more members. Their blog is an entire fun experience.

They are not only publishing content, they are spreading a vision on life. They both are highly appreciated leaders, members of the Inner Circle. More than this, they understand that the more they link their beautiful faces to the Empower Network movement, the more valuable they become in the eyes of soon-to-be Empower Network members.

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