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Lawrence Tam

Lawrence Tam

Being one of the funniest Empower Network leaders, Lawrence Tam has been called a true mentor by his abecedarians. He is presenting himself as someone who likes to eat, play ping-pong (thing that might have something to do with his Asian roots :)), and to spend all his time with his wife and daughters.

Who Is Lawrence Tam

As one of the richest Empower Network money maker, he states that his passion is to help others make more than $20k/month in Empower. In other words, Lawrence Tam is a true Empower Network leader. Being able to sacrifice your time in order for others to win is a characteristic each true leader should have.

Empower Network Lawrence Tam

As a former engineer, his mind is structured and disciplined. He even promotes such a conduit, for the Empower Network training sessions Lawrence Tam conducts are just like school. He says that in order to succeed, you only need to like the internet and what it has to offer.

More than this, you also need to enjoy being your own boss and having to deal financial problems like a very intelligent housewife. His beliefs are revolving around the fact that people who learned the internet could leverage it as a tool to save time and money

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