Shaqir Hussyin

Who Is Shaqir Hussyin

When it comes to internet marketing innovation and pure strategy, there’s no one better than Shaqir Hussyin.

Shaqir Hussyin Internet Marketer

Shaqir Hussyin

After winning many home business awards including the Master Marketing Award, and after selling the most BlackBoxes in a single day, Shaqir Hussyin decided to grow his own community of internet marketers. His offer includes Empower Network programs that give away $997 value membership with Instant Commission Alliance.

The most interesting fact about this offer is that it doesn’t cost the future member a dime. The membership plan is absolutely free.

Shaqir Hussyin Empower Network

At present, Empower Network is the most profitable internet marketing company. It pays the highest commissions. Shaqir Hussyin has managed to enroll the biggest names in the online marketing community. People like Greg Davis, Jose Rivera, Ankur Aggarwal, and others joined the program in order to benefit from the great rewards.

Hundreds of beginners and also advanced marketers have followed Shaqir and joined the Empower Network strategy he promotes. As a result, he advanced and became one of the Top 3 leaders, out of a total of 92,139 members.

His journey wasn’t easy, as he states “I virtually had no list when I started promoting Empower Network six months ago.” However, his vision, persistence and clean energy launched his career towards higher means.

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